Details about how the franchise operates


The most popular, reknown and profitable chicha franchise, from Venezuela to the world.

Juan Carlos Machado and Alberto Martini, creators of the successful concept.

This franchise was born with the idea of allowing the Venezuelan people again to drink a glass of chicha without any risk to their health, now not only venezuelans will be able to enjoy this beverage.

All the Venezuelans have memories of the glasses of chicha we used to drink in famous street corners of Caracas, something totally impossible in our days. That's why our product, chicha "Juan Chichero" is devoted to maintaining high standards of hygene and top quality in its products, which brings about benefits in the nutrition and health of our clients.


Benefits for the Franchise Holder

• Opportunity to have his own business.
• Working with a reknown brand
• Proven success (over 142 marketing places in 20 months )
• Continuous growth of 2 marketing places per week
• Excellent profit margins
• Minimum costs in wholesale buys
• Guaranteed sales with minimum risk
• Support from an enterprise with experience in the business

Franchise GranterFranchise Holder Chicha salesperson


Financial Indicators

Franchise Fee
What it includes for the Franchise Holder:
1 unit or cart
1 umbrella
1 white waste basket
1 white stool

2 ladles
2 uniform shirts
2 caps
2 pairs of trousers
4 dispensers (for cinammon and milk)

Bs. 6.500.000,00
Material to be bought by tne francise holder in Juan Chichero
1 box of 7 Oz plastic cups (2.500 units)
1 box of 10 Oz plastic cups (1.000 units)
1 box of 14 Oz. plastic cups (1.000 units)
1 box of containers TS-26 + lids (390 units)
3 coolers -Igloos- (44 Lts)*
*variable price
Bs. 449.975,00
Material to be bought by tne franchise holder in our suppliers when beginning.
straws, cinammon, milk, condensed milk, white bags, ice box, dispensers, can opener, ice breaker, yellow cloths.
Food manipulation courses Bs. 15.000,00
Managerial expenses Bs. 200.000,00
Sanitary Permit Bs. 140.000,00
Total cost of the franchise Bs. 7.319.975,00
Chicha concentrate
Cost per 5 gallon container
Gross Yield per 5 gallon container

Bs. 60.000,00
Bs. 180.000,00
Gross monthly sales (average unit or cart)
Bs. 4.500.000,00
Profit Margin 30%
Net monthly earnings Bs. 1.350.000,00
Recuperation of the investment 6 meses
Annual Return on investment 231%
Distribution of the monthly income Pasta de la chicha 33%
Insumos 24%
Chichero 8%
Alquiler del espacio 5%
Ganancias 30%
Total 100%

Investment in advertising for the year 2002: 25 million bolivars (radio, television, press and outdoor advertising as from January).



Daily material purchase
Chicha Concentrate : You look for it in the Storage Center (for schedules and directions of the Storage center, click here)
Payment: deux fois pour semaine ( des jours lundi et jamedi) Dos veces por semana (los días lunes y Jueves) Weekly, on Tuesdays in offices of Juan Chichero.
Continuous supervision of the franchise holder
Periodical supervision of the franchise granter through our quality manager

Contract Duration: 3 years, renewable.


What does the franchise fee kit include?



Characteristics of Our Units
The units are elaborated in white anodized aluminum, which gives them an added value when it comes to their maintenance and clean look, avoiding rust.

Length: 1.24 cmts.
Width: 0.82 cmts.
Height: 0.85 cmts., plus the umbrella.
Weight: 57 Kg. Approx.

Maintenance: The units and their surroundings should be periodically and sistematically cleaned when they begin their operation, during their operation and at closing time.

In order to maintain high standards of hygene, in each one of our units, the employee works in his uniform. To see uniform click here
The products used for the elaboration of the cicha are of the best quality. The chicha concentrate is daily produced in order to mantain the freshness of each of the components of our product. The ice that is used by us is produced from quality drinking water by a specialized company.

Employees profile: We have a great team of people trained to give the customers the best service, cleanliness and satisfaction. Our salespersons must mantain the best possible appearance, as well as have their health certificate and approved food manipulation course.

Requirements needed (after filling the form specified below)

• 2 photos of the franchise holder
• 1 copy of their ID card, driver's license or passport
• Property document (initial or total payment bill)
• Curso de manipulación de alimentos (franquiciado)
• Health certificate of the chicha salesperson (chichero)
• Food manipulation course (chichero)

• Copy of the rental document (of the space where the unit will be posted)
• Bs. 400,00 in tax stamps
• Bs. 100.000 for the dealer
• Bs. 39.600,00 in tax stamps
• Croquis de ubicación
• 1 copy of the franchise authorization or concession
• 1 picture of the unit


If you wish to become part of our team of franchise holders, you can go to our On line electronic franchise request form and apply right now.

If you prefer, you can also download the file FranchiseRequest.pdf in Acrobat Reader format, so you can print it, fill it and send it by fax to: (58 212) 237.88.83/ 239.1834 / 16.53 / 16.32 / 47.23, in order to request an appointment with our Marketing Management and one of our business specialists will gladly meet with you.

If you don't have installed the free Acrobat Reader, download it here and then install it.