What does Juan Chichero do

The most recognized and profitable Chicha franchise from Venezuela to the world.

Juan Carlos Machado and Alberto Martini , the ones who created the successful project.

The Concept
We manage, under the concept of a modern and successful franchise with great expansion potential, acceptance and profitability, the production and marketing of a sweet traditional drink of highly nutritional values, based on rice, milk, vanilla and sugar, in which condensed milk and cinammon play a flavor enhancing role. This beverage is known in Venezuela and other countries as "Chicha", you could compare it to a delicious tropical shake.

The product's elaboration
The product's elaboration (mixture of the chicha concentrate with milk) for its distribution to the final consumer, is made under a strict procedures covering ingredients selection, processing and production, always under the highest levels of hygene.



Juan Chichero's production team
Always working under the highest levels of hygene and quality.


Always on the
mood for producing
a quality product.




Reception area in our Los Cortijos offices in Caracas Venezuela.
Working for the efficiency of the franchise.

The product

 What is Chicha?

Juan Chichero's Chicha

Chicha is a delicious traditional sweet and refreshing beverage, prepared in Juan Chichero under a special procedure and strict quality controls, its ingredients include: rice, milk, vanilla, sugar, condensed milk and cinammon, all of which makes of this beverage a sweet and thik drink.

There are also other types of chicha, depending on the region and recipe, to know more about this, you can read The History of the Chicha (in spanish), a brief glance through it's etimology, origins, curiosities and other aspects.